Top 5 Must-Do Things at Home with MagicStick


1. Convert your TV into a powerful Gaming Console

What makes MagicStickOne special for Gamers is the Dual-OS feature that allows you to play all your favorite Android and PC games on TV. All you need is to simply plug the device to HDMI port of your display unit and log-in to the pre-loaded Windows 10 or Android Lollipop OS. Just install your favorite games and start playing.

With HDMI 2.0, you can play games in 4K or 3D without compromising on performance or quality. Additionally, MagicStick Dual Antenna and Beam-Forming Technology make sure that you always remain connected while gaming online even if the Wi-Fi signal from your router is weak. With powerful Intel Cherry Trail Processor running on 16-core GPU, latest Type-C USB ports for peripheral, and Dual-antenna Wi-Fi, MagicStick is suitable for all your gaming needs.

2. 4K UHD Home Theater Experience

One of the most popular features of MagicStick is watching and streaming 4K Ultra HD videos on your TV. You can plug MagicStick to the HDMI port of your TV, home projector, as well as any other device with HDMI port. Watch your favorite Movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon and more or check out the latest YouTube videos. Catch your favorite team in action be it on the soccer field, basketball court or F1 track. Stream your own media, videos, images, documents etc. from phone to large TV screen.

3. Video Calling over TV

Video calling over small screen phones is a thing of the past. One of the best features that you’ll enjoy on MagicStick is Online Video Calling. It’s as endearing as innovative, to be able to feel the love and affection of your family and friends on large screen in high resolution. Run your favorite Video Calling apps like Skype, Messenger, Hangouts, Line, etc. with pre-loaded Windows 10 or Android OS. MagicStick comes with Very High sensitive dual antenna with 10 dBi gain. It helps you getting connected to internet even if the Wi-Fi signal from your router is very low. MagicStick users get more choices and control than any other device in the market.

4. Work from Home

My personal favorite, and quite an important use-case of MagicStick, is using it as your workstation. The Work-from-home ‘feature’ is very useful for any user who does not want to buy a new laptop or desktop. MagicStick converts your TV into a powerful workstation where you can complete all your office-related tasks with great ease.

Here’s why MagicStick is ideal for working from home:

  • No need to stress about getting stuck in traffic on a hot summer day and become more productive by saving time
  • You no longer need to own a laptop or a desktop at home and can save your money for better use
  • MagicStick takes far less time (4 to 6 seconds) to boot windows. This is because of the higher I/O of the storage used in MagicStick
  • MagicStick is noiseless and runs on only 5 Watts of power making it ideal for home use
  • As MagicStick doesn’t contain any mechanical hard disk based storage, the data is secure and is more reliable. You can keep all your important documents in it rather than storing it into a hard disk because if hard disk media gets damaged, the data is permanently lost
  • MagicStick’s Dual Antenna and Beam-Forming Technology makes sure that you always remain connected to the world even if the Wi-Fi signal from your router is weak

5. Children’s Learning

MagicStick is a device that is designed to cater to the needs of everybody. MagicStick can prove very useful in growth and development of your kids. Today even kids at an early age start meddling with small-screen mobile phones and office laptops while harming their sensitive eyes.

MagicStick can easily substitute as an innovative tool of learning for your kids. Having no limitations like size of the screen hampering their creativity, kids can do wonders. Help your young ones to showcase their creativity and share the same with the world instantly.


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