Easy to Carry Anywhere

MagicStick is carved with superior design and equipped in latest in technology in a small size. It is so small that it can slip in your pocket and can be carried anywhere like your smart phone. It can transform any HDMI display including TVs, laptops, projectors, and monitors into a fully functional PC by simply plug-and-play feature. All of this is bundled into a sophisticated design in small-form factor. What makes MagicStick a superior gadget is that it allows the user the flexibility to use the device anywhere whether it is Home, Work or On-the-go.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

Businesses can greatly benefit with MagicStick’s unique and impressive features that make it ideal for BYOD users. MagicStick can connect with MagicDock, a unique docking station that can be powered with Type-C USB 3.1 port of the device. MagicStick can be later utilized for multiple-display set-up to visualize different data and reports in important meetings, presentations, etc.

Not only this, MagicStick runs on an inbuilt battery that can provide important back up in case you need to connect the device from one display to another. All of it, executed with perfect simplicity and ease. As disruptive technologies are transforming the IT industry, businesses and start-ups will greatly benefit from MagicStick’s Cloud-ready infrastructure allowing professionals from different disciplines to use Cloud Services, Big Data, AI technologies by SaaS, PaaS and other as-a-service models. This will translate into useful cost savings for organizations trying to cut down expenses.

MagicStick is Affordable

MagicStick is not only pocket-sized, it is also pocket-friendly. It is not expensive like laptops and desktops; it is a cost-effective solution to every user’s requirement. MagicStick is affordable for both individuals and businesses. It will continue to save your money because it is an energy efficient device that runs on as little as 5W of power. This device efficiently saves both CAPEX and OPEX for organizations thus being extremely affordable solution overall.

Low-power Consumption Device

As briefly mentioned earlier, MagicStick is an energy efficient device that uses power wisely and runs on a modest 5 Watts. It is the next step in Green Computing initiative that we are proud of and welcome everyone to become a part of it and help save our one Earth. MagicStick greatly helps minimize your carbon footprints because of its energy efficiency and minimalist resource consumption.

Zero Maintenance

If routine upkeep of your devices is not your cup of tea, MagicStick is your perfect buddy. MagicStick is efficient in every way you can imagine and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of this device as it is essentially zero maintenance. MagicStick is designed keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use and does not contain any mechanical components. With no moving parts, the chances of getting damaged are very little. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any kind of failure that may make result in loss of important information.

Latest and Fastest – Type-C is here

If everything else is world class, then why aren’t the ports and connectors which are very important for communicating with the device? MagicStick is equipped with latest Type-C ports and connector which means now you can copy your favorite 10 GB Blu-ray movie in just 10 seconds. It is way faster than any other device that you may possess.

Computer with IoT Features

It is pocket sized fully functional computer with IoT features. Internet of Things is the next of technology and is already disrupting the trends of IT industry. We have added IoT device in MagicStick to deliver maximum value to our customers. With IoT a lot of things become easier and more fun. You can control MagicStick functions using your smart phone and MagicStick’s IoT app. Switch On your MagicStick PC/TV directly from your bed through this IoT app. You don’t have to even connect your keyboard or mouse and yet be able to navigate through this magical app.

Low OS or SMPS Failures

MagicStick is a robust device and it keeps your data secure. MagicStick only contains electronic components and no moving parts which make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. This means very low chances of OS or SMPS failures and secure data. In case of failures, data becomes easily recoverable with MagicStick’s unique and helpful Dual-mode feature. With dual-mode, you can switch your device into two modes: PC mode, where it works as a fully-functional PC, and Storage mode which can convert your MagicStick into a Flash Storage stick. Data can be easily recovered from Storage Mode.

Two OS in One

MagicStick is bundled with multiple unique features that make it a perfect device for everyone. The user is given the freedom to work with two most widely used Operating Systems. MagicStick One comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows 10 and Android Lollipop. One can choose from the versatile Windows 10 to user-friendly Android. All useful processes and apps are served to the user by the Dual OS feature. MagicStick also supports all versions of Linux operating system and is also notoriously famous for using Linux as a choice of OS in-house.

Very Fast Boot Time (4-6 secs)

Most tiring and boring task that annoys every user is the long time it takes a system to boot its OS. We have put an end to the long waiting time by our fast boot feature which takes just 4-6 seconds to boot Windows. Now there is no need to be gloomy while your computer takes forever to start, switch to MagicStick today.