Easy to Carry Anywhere

MagicStick is carved with superior design and equipped in latest in technology in a small size. It is so small that it can slip in your pocket and can be carried anywhere like your smart phone. It can transform any HDMI display including TVs, laptops, projectors, and monitors into a fully functional PC by simply plug-and-play feature. All of this is bundled into a sophisticated design in small-form factor. What makes MagicStick a superior gadget is that it allows the user the flexibility to use the device anywhere whether it is Home, Work or On-the-go.

Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD)

Businesses can greatly benefit with MagicStick’s unique and impressive features that make it ideal for BYOD users. MagicStick can connect with MagicDock, a unique docking station that can be powered with Type-C USB 3.1 port of the device. MagicStick can be later utilized for multiple-display set-up to visualize different data and reports in important meetings, presentations, etc.

Not only this, MagicStick runs on an inbuilt battery that can provide important back up in case you need to connect the device from one display to another. All of it, executed with perfect simplicity and ease. As disruptive technologies are transforming the IT industry, businesses and start-ups will greatly benefit from MagicStick’s Cloud-ready infrastructure allowing professionals from different disciplines to use Cloud Services, Big Data, AI technologies by SaaS, PaaS and other as-a-service models. This will translate into useful cost savings for organizations trying to cut down expenses.

MagicStick is Affordable

MagicStick is not only pocket-sized, it is also pocket-friendly. It is not expensive like laptops and desktops; it is a cost-effective solution to every user’s requirement. MagicStick is affordable for both individuals and businesses. It will continue to save your money because it is an energy efficient device that runs on as little as 5W of power. This device efficiently saves both CAPEX and OPEX for organizations thus being extremely affordable solution overall.

Low-power Consumption Device

As briefly mentioned earlier, MagicStick is an energy efficient device that uses power wisely and runs on a modest 5 Watts. It is the next step in Green Computing initiative that we are proud of and welcome everyone to become a part of it and help save our one Earth. MagicStick greatly helps minimize your carbon footprints because of its energy efficiency and minimalist resource consumption.

Zero Maintenance

If routine upkeep of your devices is not your cup of tea, MagicStick is your perfect buddy. MagicStick is efficient in every way you can imagine and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of this device as it is essentially zero maintenance. MagicStick is designed keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use and does not contain any mechanical components. With no moving parts, the chances of getting damaged are very little. Thus, you don’t have to worry about any kind of failure that may make result in loss of important information.

Latest and Fastest – Type-C is here

If everything else is world class, then why aren’t the ports and connectors which are very important for communicating with the device? MagicStick is equipped with latest Type-C ports and connector which means now you can copy your favorite 10 GB Blu-ray movie in just 10 seconds. It is way faster than any other device that you may possess.

Computer with IoT Features

It is pocket sized fully functional computer with IoT features. Internet of Things is the next of technology and is already disrupting the trends of IT industry. We have added IoT device in MagicStick to deliver maximum value to our customers. With IoT a lot of things become easier and more fun. You can control MagicStick functions using your smart phone and MagicStick’s IoT app. Switch On your MagicStick PC/TV directly from your bed through this IoT app. You don’t have to even connect your keyboard or mouse and yet be able to navigate through this magical app.

Low OS or SMPS Failures

MagicStick is a robust device and it keeps your data secure. MagicStick only contains electronic components and no moving parts which make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. This means very low chances of OS or SMPS failures and secure data. In case of failures, data becomes easily recoverable with MagicStick’s unique and helpful Dual-mode feature. With dual-mode, you can switch your device into two modes: PC mode, where it works as a fully-functional PC, and Storage mode which can convert your MagicStick into a Flash Storage stick. Data can be easily recovered from Storage Mode.

Two OS in One

MagicStick is bundled with multiple unique features that make it a perfect device for everyone. The user is given the freedom to work with two most widely used Operating Systems. MagicStick One comes pre-loaded with the latest Windows 10 and Android Lollipop. One can choose from the versatile Windows 10 to user-friendly Android. All useful processes and apps are served to the user by the Dual OS feature. MagicStick also supports all versions of Linux operating system and is also notoriously famous for using Linux as a choice of OS in-house.

Very Fast Boot Time (4-6 secs)

Most tiring and boring task that annoys every user is the long time it takes a system to boot its OS. We have put an end to the long waiting time by our fast boot feature which takes just 4-6 seconds to boot Windows. Now there is no need to be gloomy while your computer takes forever to start, switch to MagicStick today.


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining strength all over the world. Companies are encouraging employees to bring their own device into the workplace by adopting new BYOD and Security policies.  Allowing employees to use their personal devices like phones, laptops and smart watches for work has both rewards and risks. MagicStick has launched their first model called One which is a powerful device that can change the way BYOD works in different sectors of business. It is quite extraordinary, considering the size (MagicStick™ One is smaller than a Smart phone and can slip in your pocket like a pack of gum) how much these cute looking, small devices are capable of, especially in the Bring your own Device section.

As for BYOD, statistics remain in favor of implementing it at workplace, as the new standard in industry. Studies have indicated that with BYOD, productivity, employee morale and accountability improve in tandem with reduced hardware and networking costs. But some other plausible reasons also come into consideration making a valid argument in favor of BYOD for workplace. As per Gartner, more than 50% of workplaces will require employees to bring their own devices by 2017. By the year 2017, BYOD will grow from a $67 billion market to a $181 billion market. Also it must be noted that North America has the highest BYOD adoption rates at 36%, a number that will increase to about 50% of the market by the end of 2017. More than 67% of workers use their own devices at work. All these trends clearly indicate the use of personally owned devices in the workplace as a significant trend that transcends the boundaries between the public and private enterprise sectors.

Go BYOD with MagicStick

Portable, Light and Easy to Carry

We understand that carrying your bulky devices like laptop, tablets, etc. to work every day is tiresome. Therefore we designed MagicStick keeping in consideration the comfort of users who commute daily between home and work.

MagicStick slips into your pocket, fits into your palm; you can even carry it in your purse. Other small form factor (SFF) devices are usually heavy, occupy a lot of space and require additional baggage to carry them. Say no to such bulky devices and buy MagicStick instead, an easy to carry and light-weight device.

Device and Information Security

Security has been the biggest concern for organizations while implementing their BYOD strategy. Flash storage drives have greater risk of data getting corrupted, infected by malware or virus, or complete data loss due to hardware malfunction. You can use MagicStick as storage unit and avoid using risky flash drives.

Data recovery in case of OS failures is far easy with MagicStick in comparison to storage devices reducing risk of loss of sensitive information. MagicStick doesn’t contain any mechanical hard disk based storage, therefore; the data is safer. The electronic storage in MagicStick will ensure safety of your data. You will not lose data as in case of hard disk based storage.MagicStick protects both enterprise information and personal data.

Ultra Fast Type-C USB Docking Station

MagicStick is equipped with the latest Type-C USB 3.1 port which has USB data, display and power delivery together that can serve as an ideal component for BYOD. You can connect MagicStick to MagicDock, in your office or home through USB port. MagicDock, the docking station enables you to convert MagicStick into a desktop computer whether in office or at home. You can even connect it as dual display for TV or monitor and can use as extended display.

Dual Mode – USB Storage and PC

MagicStick has Dual Mode feature which enables it to run in two different modes: PC mode or USB Storage mode. You can switch between the two modes by pressing Mode button on the device. The data recovery in case of OS failures becomes far easy with this feature. In USB Storage mode, you can use MagicStick as a flash storage drive and transfer data or save your work-related data directly. Once back to home, you can work on the same data using PC mode in your choice of OS. MagicStick works as both flash drive and PC, giving its user more flexibility and freedom compared to other BYOD users.

Simple Cloud and Big Data Integration

MagicStick comes with cloud-ready infrastructure and can be easily integrated to Big Data and Artificial Intelligence Cloud enabled by IoT protocols. With Cloud integration, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of use-cases. You can access and store data through Cloud storage anytime, anywhere with cloud services.

With our in-house cloud-based services, individuals and organizations can access software, storage, compute and other IT infrastructure elements without the burden of maintaining and upgrading them.

PC to PC Connectivity

With MagicStick, you can interconnect any number of devices connected over a network in your organization or at home. You can establish connection between your different devices which is more convenient file and Internet connection sharing mechanism.

MagicStick comes with dual antenna and uses Beam-forming Technology to provide over 1 Gbps speed through Wi-Fi. It supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz– Dual band with 10 dBi gain. Wireless networks are becoming better by day with easy set-up process, much advanced security and faster in transfer speeds.

Ease of Doing Work

At every step we have added features that will drive you towards experiencing this smart and sleek device. MagicStick takes 4-6 seconds to boot so you won’t have to wait any longer for your system to start. It does not have a cooling fan, it rather uses passive cooling technology to prevent heating issues and is completely noiseless.

Battery Inside

MagicStick has an in-built battery in addition to power cable. Battery disengages the device safely any time you disconnect the power supply without shutting it down first. You can simply transfer your important report from work computer or docking station and resume your important client meeting in the conference room while connecting directly to projector through HDMI port.

Robust in Design

With BYOD, there is always risk associated with carrying your device while outside. First, it is bulky in size and is difficult to commute with everyday. Also, there are high chances of device getting subjected to physical damage, loss, theft, etc. MagicStick on the other hand, is not just extremely portable and light, it’s also tough in built and robust in design. It doesn’t get affected even if you accidentally drop it to the ground.

Maintenance Free Device

MagicStick saves money on maintenance. Unlike other devices, it is essentially maintenance free and very reliable. You do not have to rush to any service center to recover or back up your data. You don’t have to have technical expertise to recover the data. It is less prone to hardware failures compared to other BYOD options.

In addition, MagicStick also saves power and helps reducing carbon footprint. It runs on just 5 Watts of power, you can save enough electricity bill to recover your investment in MagicStick within 8 to 10 Months of using it. It will in fact start paying you back later.

MagicStick’s BYOD Advantage

  • Bridge the gap between IT and mobility and help organizations implement their BYOD strategy
  • MagicStick is affordable substitute enabling to minimize capital overlay and help save hardware costs, maintenance & support, power saving, rent, space, etc.
  • Mobilize your People and Data with MagicStick while enabling data to move in a secure, managed and reliable way
  • Empower your workforce to be more productive, satisfied and better able to serve customers.
  • MagicStick has embedded IoT controller. You can control MagicStick from your mobile phone and switch on or off your device Stick from anywhere
  • Drive business performance by giving freedom and flexibility to the workforce and unleashing employee potential

Read More :- https://www.magicstickone.com/home/magicstick-one-usecases/


Unleash the power of computing and mobility with MagicStick ™ One, the most powerful mobile PC on HDMI 2.0.  The new MagicStick One is powered by Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail Processor and is pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro (trial) and Android 5.1. It also supports Ubuntu and all variants of Linux. The device comes with very attractive specifications and can be used for both personal and professional use-cases.

MagicStick ™ One is all you can dream of in an innovative and smart tech gadget. It is packaged with the latest technology in mobile and computing and boldly offers you everything bundled in cuteness of small. MagicStick ™ One offers features that are designed for simplifying everyday tasks like using native apps, run your favorite PC games, watch the latest blockbuster in 4K quality or just browse the internet and connect with people.

Before we start with the 5 Step Guide to Set-up, let’s just check out the list of components that comes as a part of add-ons with MagicStick One box:

  • MagicStick One
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI (male to female) Cable
  • MagicStick Box
  • User’s Manual

MagicStick One

The device itself, that can be connected to any HDMI display and transform it into a fully-functional PC|MagicStickOne. It can also connect as dual-display by using USB 3.1 to Type-C docking station which is one of the key unique offerings that come with this device.

Power Adapter

The next item in the list, required to run the device is Power Adapter. The power adapter comes with a connector that attaches with the adapter quite easily. The power adapter obviously is the primary source for powering the device and it is advised to connect the adapter to power before start running MagicStick device.

USB Cable

USB cable consists of two micro USB ports, one acts as a 5V power supply and the other is supposed to be used as OTG port. The other end of the cable, USB port connects to power adapter.

HDMI (male to female) Cable

HDMI cable comes additionally with HDMI port mounted on device so as to reach difficult corners and small spaces where HDMI ports are present.

User’s Manual

A small user manual is provided for customers to simplify the setting-up of MagicStick with other devices. The manual also explains how to use in-box and additional accessories to run the device and to scale up other features.

MagicStick Box

All the items mentioned above are packed in a sleek black colored bag with the brand logo of MagicStick attached on top of it. The box unfolds with a zipper and divides in to two partitions, one containing MagicStick One device and the other containing rest of the accessories.

MagicStick One Quick Set-up Guide

Here’s a 5 Step simple guide to get you started with using MagicStick One device:

1.     Connect Power Adapter and USB Cable

Connect Power Adapter and Connector pin first and plug it to the power point.

Connect the USB port end of the cable with Power Adapter and Red colored micro USB cable (on the other end) to 5V Power Port on device.

2.     Connect HDMI 2.0 port with HDMI Display Unit (TV, Projector, Laptop, etc.)

 Remove the cap on top of the device and connect the HDMI port directly to any HDMI display unit. Alternately, you can connect the device and display unit using HDMI (male to female) cable provided in accessories to reach difficult corners and small spaces.

3.     Connect Keyboard or Mouse to USB Port

You can connect both Keyboard and Mouse to the device by connecting with two different USB 3.0 ports simultaneously.

4.     Press START on MagicStick One Device

Press the Start button provided on the side of the device. The device will respond by turning on the blue light as an indicator at the bottom.

5.     Select OS

After pressing start button, the device will start and show OS selection menu for 10 seconds. You can select the OS for your preference by using keyboard, mouse or mobile app.

Read More :- https://www.magicstickone.com/knowledge-base/


All new MagicStick One should appeal to both Adults and youngsters looking for performance and affordability without compromising one for the other. It also suits to both home based users looking for entertainment and business professionals looking for performance. It comes as a total package for all users as it runs full Windows and Android without any glitch.

Be Energy Smart and Go Green

We need to make our own choices when it comes to dealing with climate change impact. You can do your bit for the environment as we have done ours by creating a product which consumes fraction of what other existing PCs consumes. Isn’t it a smart choice to make? This also turns out to be good investment decision by replacing your old PC which is actually eating away your significant amount of money without even being directly visible to you.

There is an assumption that frequent shut down shortens lifespan of all computers. This is not the case with MagicStick One. It is designed in such a fashion that there is no impact of frequency of shut downs on the health of MagicStick One.

Your investment in MagicStick One will get recovered within 10 months of using it by saving enough money on your power bills. MagicStick can save you 30% power as compared to other PC being used.

Size Does Matter When You Want to Carry Your PC

MagicStick is rightly sized for slipping it in your pocket and handbag to carry it anywhere and everywhere. The light weight as a direct result of its size means a comfortable experience using the MagicStick in office as well as at home or during hotel stays, especially during flight check in.

By using the Cherry Trail processor in the MagicStick One, we are able to reduce size significantly without seriously compromising the performance.

Right Product at the Right Price

Some of the people rightly questioned us – “Can you price it suitably so that many more can afford this great product?” We have answered it affirmatively. Nobody can bring such product with all features described in this article at a price point we have introduced it to the world. Though it has been priced at a discount price right now, still we are sure to be leader in this category for the years to come. The $169 starting price of the MagicStick One makes it so affordable that anyone can grab this opportunity at the first sight itself.

Cool Device

MagicStick One is a cool piece of hardware that can serve the wants of many. It is an awesome device for home use. A great entertainer for all family members running more than one application on two different screens keeping everyone happy in family.  This is fitting for both requirements, works for parents and play for kids.

Business users can save lot of space and electricity while using MagicStick One. It consumes fraction of what existing PC in offices consume. It runs Windows 10 and Android Lollipop suitable for work of all kinds.

Read More :-   https://www.magicstickone.com


We need to make our own choices when it comes to dealing with climate change impact. You can do your bit for the environment as we have done ours by creating a product which consumes fraction of what other existing PCs consumes.

Isn’t it a smart choice to make?

This also turns out to be good investment decision, replacing your old PC which is actually eating away your significant amount of money without even being directly visible to you. There is an assumption that frequent shut down shortens lifespan of all computers. This is not the case with MagicStick One. It is designed in such a fashion that there is no impact of frequency of shut downs on the health of MagicStick One.

Your investment in MagicStick One will get recovered within 10 months of using it by saving enough money on your power bills. MagicStick can save you 30% power as compared to other PC being used.

Low Wattage but High Performance

You must feel happy to save big on your monthly electricity bill. MagicStick runs below 5 watts of power which is even less than what your CFL bulb consumes. It’s the most power efficient computer ever designed. You need MagicStick One|IOT to do some saving as well.

MagicStick is the Best Computer to Run On Battery Backup

You definitely need MagicStick if you want to run your computer on power back up or on battery

Help Reduce Global Warming and Carbon Foot Prints

If you are concerned about environment and carbon footprints, you should stop the habit of consuming more power than needed. Substantial chunk of electricity consumption in offices and household are because of computers that run on high power. If you can do the same computing with less electricity consumption, why not try it out. You need MagicStick for reducing the carbon footprints. This will also help save electricity across the globe. With the habit of consuming more electricity than needed, we are contributing more towards the global warming.

MagicStick Is Literally Free For You

What if MagicStick comes free to you? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right! It’s literally free for you. It runs only below 5 watts of power which is just 5 to 10% of what your laptop consumes. That means you will save enough electricity bill to recover your investment in MagicStick within 8 Months of using it. It will in fact start paying you back later. Thus, it becomes free to you for lifetime.

Read More: –  https://www.magicstickone.com/home/magicstick-one-features/

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