Low Power Consumption

Organizations globally are responsible for increasing Carbon Footprints by using all available resources at their disposal. Most businesses do not keep in consideration how their activities can and do affect the environment around them. Laptops and Desktops functioning at offices consume 25-times more power than MagicStick. MagicStick™ One is an energy efficient device that uses power wisely and runs on a modest 5 Watts. It is the next step in Green Computing initiative that we are proud of. We welcome everyone to become a part of our eco-friendly initiative and help save our one planet. MagicStick greatly helps minimize your carbon footprints because of its energy efficiency and minimalist resource consumption.

Fewer Resources Consumed in Manufacturing

Because of its small-form-factor, MagicStick consumes fewer resources during the manufacturing process. We have taken upon ourselves the goal to provide society’s needs in ways that do not damage or deplete our natural resources. The numerous amount of computing worldwide has a direct impact on the environment and in order to reduce the impact of computing technology on climate, we have designed MagicStick for the benefit of all including our ecosystem. MagicStick will be successful in significantly reducing e-wastage that adds greatly to our Carbon Footprints because of its small form factor.

Longer Life

MagicStick is a robust device and unlike other computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, etc. it functions for a lifetime of around 6-7 years. It only contains electronic components and no moving parts which make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. This means very low chances of OS or SMPS failures and secure data. In case of failures, data becomes easily recoverable with MagicStick’s unique and helpful Dual-mode feature. Increased lifetime means fewer burdens on our planet as fewer resources are consumed and even e-waste generation is minimized.

Multiple-Users, Multiple Features, Minimum Wastage, Optimum Usage

MagicStick offers unique features that revolutionize the way modern computing functions while reducing the environmental impact on our planet. With Dual-Display™ feature, two individuals can work on MagicStick at the same time. Because of highly sophisticated components integrated together like latest and the fastest USB 3.1, one can connect MagicStick to the low-power consuming MagicDock through extension cable and enable independent Dual Display. It also acts like a Flash Storage stick that can be used instead of a separate external hard drive. You don’t even have to get yourself a new mouse or keyboard because MagicStick is IoT enabled device. With IoT, you can control most of the functions through the specially designed Mobile App. Due to numerous user and environment-friendly features that reduce the wastage of resources; it is safe to say MagicStick will contribute a lot for better and greener Earth.

Cloud Infrastructure

MagicStick offers many functions and use-cases while other gadgets shy away from providing the basic features. The Cloud-ready infrastructure enables endless possibilities in terms of use-cases for both individuals and businesses. It also, at the same time, proves to be a green computing tool that helps our planet. Virtualization is the foundation of it all as it reduces physical server footprints and has inherent green benefits. By using the best practices like automation and consolidation, Pay-per-use model, and multi-tenancy, organizations can successfully reduce their Carbon Emissions and footprints to a very great extent. All of this can be accomplished with the small user and environment-friendly MagicStick.