MagicStickOne is world’s first Mini PC powered by Intel’s Cherry Trail Processor. Cherry Trail is a low-power 14nm, 64-bit quad-core chip with Intel HD graphics. This makes MagicStick more powerful, reliable and portable. We have also brought in many new innovations into it to make it a multipurpose device without making a dent in your pocket.

World’s First Smallest Computer Capable of Streaming 4K Ultra HD Videos

MagicStick is well capable of streaming 4K videos. Finally, you will be able to watch ultra high-definition video without any sluggishness. Most of the old computers are not capable of streaming 4K ultra HD videos. MagicStick comes with 16-core GPU which makes it an excellent device for graphics intensive work. Thus MagicStick is one step ahead of your laptop when it comes to streaming 4K Ultra HD videos.

Do your bit to save Mother Earth

MagicStick is a portable desktop PC which consumes as low as 5W of Power, much less than your existing desktop PC. This results in at least 30% savings on your monthly electricity bills. Let’s pledge to use electricity wisely and responsibly thereby reducing our carbon footprint. MagicStick helps you to achieve this with its innovative design. You cannot avoid consuming power but you can definitely reduce it.

Share Screen to Work Peacefully

MagicStick allows you to run multiple programs and share it simultaneously on 2 different screens thereby making it a perfect device for a family. Kids can enjoy their favorite YouTube videos while you work on a different screen.

The Smallest computer with IoT feature

In the era of wireless technology, you always want the controls of everything at your finger tips. With IoT feature of MagicStick, you will be able to control your computer through your mobile phone. If you want to control your computer through your mobile phone using IoT, MagicStick is something you definitely need. You can do a lot of cool things including switching the device ON/OFF through your cell phone. Following are few important things which you can do through your cell phone:

  • Switch between COMPUTER MODE and DEVICE MODE through mobile phone
  • Switch ON/OFF Wi-Fi remotely through mobile phone
  • Data transfer from your mobile phone to your computer without actually connecting to USB cable
  • Schedule your MagicStick computer to get awakened and loaded with your favorite OS at some specified time

Bringing the Best of Both Worlds Together with Dual OS

This device can run both Windows and Android apps simultaneously allowing you to switch between the two seamlessly. Sounds interesting!

MagicStick is like a friend for everyone

MagicStick has many features which are useful for everyone. Please do share the post and help spread the word to your family and friends who should definitely benefit from MagicStick!

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