Powerful Windows 10 and Android preloaded Intel computer

Watch this video to discover how Magicstick will ​Convert ​TV in to powerful computer.

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Why is Magicstick so Unique ?

​288 GB storage Included

MagicStick has ​huge Solid state based storage i.e 32GB EMMC with 256 GB microsd card. You can put all your software, movies and song on it.

​Tri Boot: windows 10 and Android preloaded and Ubuntu 19.04 supported

MagicStick ​has windows 10 , Android and Ubuntu preloaded. It means you have full freedom to run any applications exists today.

​Plug n Play computer like USB drive

MagicStick has USB Type C docking port. This port has USB data, display and power delivery together

IOT Enabled

MagicStick has embedded IOT controller. You can control MagicStick from your mobile phone. Switch ON and OFF MagicStick from anywhere

Battery Inside

MagicStick has battery inside. You can shift MagicStick from one place to another place without shutting it down. Battery makes it stable during power fluctuation too

Dual Display

MagicStick One can connect to dual display i.e. TV or Monitor. You can use it as extended display feature


MagicStick has USB Type C docking port. This port has USB data, display and power delivery together

​Small and Portable

MagicStick is just 4 inch long, 1.5 inch wide and 0.4inch thick. It can easily slips inside your pocket  and most portable computer ever made.

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​Change your life with Magicstick

​Miss Lily changed her life with Magicstick 

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why to bring magicstick at your home ?

Make your TV 4K Ultra-HD Home Computer

Now experience watching and streaming 4K Ultra HD videos on your TV screen because Magicstick converts Your TV in to Big screen computer with Windows 10, Android and Linux preloaded!

Web-Browsing and Social Media


Simply connect MagicStick to your TV or other display unit and start browsing the web and Share all kinds of media with your family and friends through your favorite apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Always Stay Connected with Your Closed Ones 

Experience the love and affection of your family and friends on a large screen with high clarity by ​running your favorite Video Calling apps like Skype, Messenger, Hangouts,Line etc. with pre-loaded Windows 10 or Android OS

Online Shopping on Big Screen

How often have you wondered if you could have the same Online Shopping experience from Amazon, Rakuten or Alibaba, but on a big screen like the TV in your living room?

Work from Home

MagicStick can convert your TV into a powerful workstation with Windows 10, Android and Linux preloaded where you can complete all your office-related tasks with great ease

Children’s Learning

MagicStick can prove very useful in growth and development of your kids. No more meddling on small-screen mobile phones and office laptops while also protecting their sensitive eyes

MagicStick can ​be best innovative tool of learning for your kids

4K Ultra-HD Gaming Anywhere

Connect your MagicStick to any HDMI display and convert it into a gaming console and enjoy playing your favorite PC and Android games in 3D and 4K Ultra-HD quality.With powerful Intel Cherry Trail processor, HDMI 2.0 and latest Type-C USB ports, MagicStick is suitable for all your gaming needs

​Carry Magicstick in pocket to home, office and Hotel

Perhaps the widest application of MagicStick comes with its BYOD capability. It takes far less time (4 to 6 seconds) to boot Windows

MagicStick slips into your pocket, fits into your palm, you can even carry it in your purse with​ fully loaded windows 10, Android and Linux OS to use anywhere like plug n play computer. 

Do Business presentation with ease

MagicStick is a complete package that packs productivity, quality, and value into a mini-computer, bringing more possibilities to your business than ever before

MagicStick enables you to project PowerPoint presentations, videos, dashboards, etc. on projectors anytime, anywhere


Customers speak

  • Marilyn Grayer Avatar

    5 star rating   First of all, I will Thank very much to creator and inventor... read more

    Marilyn Grayer 1/07/2018
    Anita Parks Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick in our office as BYOD device
    I installed Magicstickone in... read more

    Anita Parks 2/05/2018
    Nina Drake Avatar

    5 star rating   If you have a VDI at work , Magicstick can be your... read more

    Nina Drake 1/30/2018
    Tammy Wood Avatar

    5 star rating   Only thing It has 2GB RAM with this model. I will buy... read more

    Tammy Wood 2/02/2018
  • Ralph Gibbs Avatar

    5 star rating   Metal frame is so nicely designed without fan. Perfect job baby !!

    Ralph Gibbs 1/07/2018
    Thelma Turner Avatar

    5 star rating   Worked straight out of the box. I am using to access my... read more

    Thelma Turner 2/03/2018
    Kristen Rios Avatar

    5 star rating   It is more than my expectations. Extremely compact computing options with so... read more

    Kristen Rios 2/02/2018
    Obviou Maldonado Avatar

    5 star rating   Thank you for sending me so, cute device !! I see there... read more

    Obviou Maldonado 1/07/2018
  • Joan Park Avatar

    5 star rating   Impressed with this Magicstick one !! so small and so many functions... read more

    Joan Park 1/30/2018
    Brenda Shelton Avatar

    5 star rating   worked great for casual web surfing and HD media streaming. It... read more

    Brenda Shelton 2/01/2018
    Wilma Lyons Avatar

    5 star rating   Unbelievable for size with so many features !!

    Wilma Lyons 1/31/2018
    Marion Todd Avatar

    5 star rating   It is fast and compact, no lags for 4K movies and... read more

    Marion Todd 2/04/2018
  • Crtieqenn Marron Avatar

    5 star rating   I trusted you, you never broken our trust. Magicstick shows the craft... read more

    Crtieqenn Marron 1/07/2018
    Dumitra Stefanescu Avatar

    5 star rating   Awesome Product. I love that it fits right behind the TV and... read more

    Dumitra Stefanescu 2/05/2018
    Desiree Burke Avatar

    5 star rating   Great Magicstick !! this works out great for our purposes to convert... read more

    Desiree Burke 2/04/2018
    Lucia Paul Avatar

    5 star rating   Absolutely love it!
    I use it, as do for me and my kids.... read more

    Lucia Paul 2/05/2018
  • Laverne Higgins Avatar

    5 star rating   I added a 128GB MicroSD card and it works great. I am... read more

    Laverne Higgins 2/03/2018
    Myra Miles Avatar

    5 star rating   It is insanely beautiful and perfect. Purchased 128gb micro SD card and... read more

    Myra Miles 2/01/2018
    Susan Rodriquez Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick is much better in terms of reliability, heat dissipation, wifi and... read more

    Susan Rodriquez 2/02/2018
    Sherry Nelson Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick is the best stick among all competitors
    The Magicstick is way better... read more

    Sherry Nelson 2/05/2018
  • Antoinette Simmons Avatar

    5 star rating   Fantastic! Magicstick !
    Magicstick is amazing! Out of the box I had no... read more

    Antoinette Simmons 2/05/2018
    Dory Rodriguez Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick arrived to me 2 days back. I got time today to... read more

    Dory Rodriguez 1/07/2018
    Angela Griffin Avatar

    5 star rating   I use it to establish a citrix session to work. Works pretty... read more

    Angela Griffin 2/02/2018
    Denise Ellis Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick is cool … just fedup with wireless keyboard and mouse. I... read more

    Denise Ellis 2/01/2018
  • Mae Morgan Avatar

    5 star rating   Awesome Device.... Very impressed!! Easy to take with you anywhere as... read more

    Mae Morgan 1/31/2018
    Katherine Parsons Avatar

    5 star rating   I used it with my telescope and video astronomy (some refer... read more

    Katherine Parsons 1/28/2018
    Juana Schultz Avatar

    5 star rating   Awesome Magicstick one for school work/workstation tasks can even play some... read more

    Juana Schultz 1/27/2018
    Cecilia Harrington Marcia Kelley Avatar

    5 star rating   I used it for a meeting room wall mounted TV so I... read more

    Cecilia Harrington Marcia Kelley 2/01/2018
  • Sylvia Shelton Avatar

    5 star rating   Works great, instructions were very clear and understandable.

    Sylvia Shelton 2/03/2018
    Hkr Sagar Avatar

    5 star rating   If you need a PC for work and light play, this is... read more

    Hkr Sagar 1/27/2018
    Adrienne Blair Avatar

    5 star rating   easy to setup and Worked great, I use it to work Amateur... read more

    Adrienne Blair 1/31/2018
    Emma Willis Avatar

    5 star rating   I use it with a 27-inch monitor. I have Office 2016 loaded.... read more

    Emma Willis 1/30/2018
  • Lola Reynolds Avatar

    5 star rating   Turned my flat screen into a great large computer. Works great with Kodi.

    Lola Reynolds 1/30/2018
    Roberta Mckinney Avatar

    5 star rating   I really love Magicstick ! so far no problems, easy to setup... read more

    Roberta Mckinney 2/02/2018
    Karen Gibbs Avatar

    5 star rating   One of my best purchases of my life
    Magicstickis rocking it on my... read more

    Karen Gibbs 2/05/2018
    Lisa Maldonado Avatar

    5 star rating   Works well with all my apps!! Good device.

    Lisa Maldonado 1/31/2018
  • Andrew Sims Avatar

    5 star rating   Great device buddy !! so small and so compact without fan but... read more

    Andrew Sims 1/07/2018
    Candace Fernandez Avatar

    5 star rating   The Magicstick works flawlessly. I will replace it with Lenovo Ideacentre... read more

    Candace Fernandez 1/28/2018
    Maryann Watson Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstickrunning on my 55'' tv with no issue. Now, I have 55”... read more

    Maryann Watson 2/04/2018
    Anna Evans Avatar

    5 star rating   Magicstick as windows10 Computer/streaming device,/Emulator/Media player!
    Works great! to run our Church mission... read more

    Anna Evans 2/05/2018

​I did continuously run MagicStick connecting to TV in background, file sharing and media sharing (DLNA). Yet device didn’t heat up even after running for days. Type-C connector allows very fast USB connection. Overall, MagicStick is a very good standalone PC for home, for sharing media or files.

​K Sriram Reddy - Advocate and Network professional

​I am quite happy with the MagicStick functions, though had some initial hiccups and few issues to solve. I really liked the Dual OS feature with Windows 10 and Android 5.1. Smooth functioning, flawless connectivity and supports my 1 TB hard disc. If priority is not to watch live streaming, delivers good download speed with Wi-Fi.


​Dr. Akshay kumar Kar - Doctor

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