Why Magicstick is Most Energy Efficient Computer?


We need to make our own choices when it comes to dealing with climate change impact. You can do your bit for the environment as we have done ours by creating a product which consumes fraction of what other existing PCs consumes.

Isn’t it a smart choice to make?

This also turns out to be good investment decision, replacing your old PC which is actually eating away your significant amount of money without even being directly visible to you. There is an assumption that frequent shut down shortens lifespan of all computers. This is not the case with MagicStick One. It is designed in such a fashion that there is no impact of frequency of shut downs on the health of MagicStick One.

Your investment in MagicStick One will get recovered within 10 months of using it by saving enough money on your power bills. MagicStick can save you 30% power as compared to other PC being used.

Low Wattage but High Performance

You must feel happy to save big on your monthly electricity bill. MagicStick runs below 5 watts of power which is even less than what your CFL bulb consumes. It’s the most power efficient computer ever designed. You need MagicStick One|IOT to do some saving as well.

MagicStick is the Best Computer to Run On Battery Backup

You definitely need MagicStick if you want to run your computer on power back up or on battery

Help Reduce Global Warming and Carbon Foot Prints

If you are concerned about environment and carbon footprints, you should stop the habit of consuming more power than needed. Substantial chunk of electricity consumption in offices and household are because of computers that run on high power. If you can do the same computing with less electricity consumption, why not try it out. You need MagicStick for reducing the carbon footprints. This will also help save electricity across the globe. With the habit of consuming more electricity than needed, we are contributing more towards the global warming.

MagicStick Is Literally Free For You

What if MagicStick comes free to you? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right! It’s literally free for you. It runs only below 5 watts of power which is just 5 to 10% of what your laptop consumes. That means you will save enough electricity bill to recover your investment in MagicStick within 8 Months of using it. It will in fact start paying you back later. Thus, it becomes free to you for lifetime.

Read More: –  https://www.magicstickone.com/home/magicstick-one-features/

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