Magicstick Operating System Guide

Magicstick Operating System Guide

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Magicstick is the latest PC stick or PC on a stick that can convert your TV into a powerful computer. It’s a powerful PC that you can take anywhere because of its small size. Now no need to worry about work or more space while travelling.

MagicStick -“A powerful PC on the go”

It is designed to give you power-packed performance along with convenience. You can use it easily at your home or at office. You can connect it to TV, Monitors and Projectors as per your need.

  • You just need to follow three simple steps:
  • Plug-in to any HDMI port
  • Connect the Power cable
  • Your TV is now a powerful PC

Magicstick is designed for everyone be it SME Businesses, Students, Gamers, Frequent Travelers or Home Users.

This write-up is for guiding users about the MagicStick compatible operating systems. It will clear all your concerns regarding OS that can be used with MagicStick.

In Magicstick we have provided pre-loaded Windows 10 Pro trial version along with Android 5.1. Also it supports Linux, so no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Windows 10:

Magicstick comes with windows 10 trial version preloaded. It incorporates features of Windows 7 along with Windows 8 like traditional start menu of Windows 7 combined with tiles of Windows 8 in an updated form. Windows 10 is the best Windows so far as claimed by Microsoft itself. You can expect long-lasting batteries, faster processors and high-resolution displays.

With Auto-updates, Windows 10 keeps getting better. The updates include new innovations, features and security capabilities. To ensure the best experience the update rolls out via auto-updates when your PC is ready.

Also for gamers it’s great as you get high frame rates while playing games. You will be able to play all your favorite games in 4k display.

You get more stability and increased system performance with windows 10 that you will surely experience while using Magicstick. So with Windows 10 Magicstick provides you superfast speed, more security, better interface, Good compatibility with other software tools.

Users will experience the features of Windows 10 like Action centre. On your PC you will get pop-up notifications like weather conditions, it will show your email messages, a birthday reminder. Your android phones have this feature that now you can experience with Windows 10. You can go back in these pop-up notifications and check the entries you missed before dismissing any notification.

You get Microsoft Edge to browse on for superfast browsing experience. It has features like Web Markup and reading mode.

Gamers can enjoy Xbox app integration in Windows 10. You can keep track of your friends and achievements as well as you can play multiplayer games against other players on Xbox.

You get the advantage of two Oss from single MagicStick One device i.e. Windows 10 and Android 5.1, all you need is just to switch the mode between Android 5.1 and Windows 10.

Android 5.1:

With Magicstick you get Android 5.1 Lollipop that makes it convenient for users who like to play many games on android phones. Now you can play all those games on your TV by plugging in Magicstick. Users get to play all of their favorite games in 4k HD display that too on large screen of your TV.

You can access so many apps with this feature. You experience HD voice quality while using Magicstick in Android mode. While using Skype enjoy the 4K HD video calling experience with Magicstick. Devices that support HD Voice will be able to access this feature of HD voice quality.

Even this is great for your kids as they can play video games on Big TV screen instead of playing those on small phone screens. So you can prevent your children from hurting their sensitive eyes.

Linux Compatibility:

MagicStick also supports Linux OS. So if you want to work on Linux you can use it for that also. MagicStick makes your life really easy as it has so many features. You can switch in between modes as per your need or preference. Switching between modes is also easy; you only need to press one switch mode button.