Dual Mode Guide – Using MagicStick as PC or Storage

Dual Mode Guide – Using MagicStick as PC or Storage

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Unleash the power of computing and mobility with MagicStick ™ One, the most powerful portable computer on HDMI 2.0. It’s so small, it slips in your pocket and can be carried anywhere you like. Use it in your home, at work or even in the hotel room while you are traveling. It is ideal for both your Computainment and BYOD requirement. It is very easy to use and can transform any HDMI display in to a fully-functional computer.

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Dual-Mode – PC Mode and Storage Mode

You are already familiar with several features of MagicStick by now and if not, don’t worry as we are sharing this guide to walk you through the Dual Mode feature of the device.

MagicStick has Dual Mode feature which enables it to run in two different modes: PC mode or USB Storage mode. You can switch between the two modes by pressing Mode button on the device.

In USB Storage mode, you can use MagicStick as a flash storage drive and transfer data or save your work-related data directly. Once back to home, you can work on the same data using PC mode in your choice of OS. MagicStick works as both flash drive and PC, giving its users more flexibility and freedom.

One of the key benefits of Dual-mode is that data recovery in case of OS failures becomes far easy with this feature. You don’t have to be a technical expert or rush to any service center to recover your data.

You can also control this feature using IoT function through your mobile phone itself. The IoT switch provided in the device can enable the mobile app through which you can control several key actions including using the Dual-mode. So you don’t have to even physically change the mode yourself and rather control it remotely.

MagicStick One comes with high speed eMMC storage of 32GB that automatically turns into Flash drive once you press the mode button to switch from PC to Storage.