Cloud Integration and Services Guide

Cloud Integration and Services Guide

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This guide is written to share information on how to enable Cloud Services and use the MagicStick Cloud offerings to all the users.

MagicStick is carved with excellence in design and technology, focusing on the pain points of modern technology user. Today technology has reached to all parts of the world and new trends are disrupting our daily lives and also shaping the way we live, work, play, connect, shop or even entertain ourselves. This is why MagicStick is a device that suits everyone’s needs and requirements, whether you are at home, in office or traveling on business trip or vacation.

Cloud Services on MagicStick

Cloud as we know it is on a path of transformation. In the new Cloud landscape, cloud services have become more Distributed, Trusted, Intelligent and Concentrated. That is why we are unleashing the power of Cloud and enabling the Cloud service for our MagicStick users.

MagicStick comes with cloud-ready infrastructure and can be easily integrated to Cloud platform. With Cloud integration, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of use-cases. You can access and store data through Cloud storage anytime, anywhere with cloud services.

With our in-house cloud-based services, individuals and organizations can access software, storage, compute and other IT infrastructure elements without the burden of maintaining and upgrading them.