The new MagicStick One is powered by Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail Processor and is pre-loaded with Windows 10 Pro (trial) and Android 5.1. It also supports Ubuntu and all variants of Linux. The device comes with very attractive specifications and can be used for both personal and professional use-cases.

Before we start with the 5 Step Guide to Set-up, let’s just check out the list of components that comes as a part of add-ons with MagicStick One box:

  • MagicStick One
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI (male to female) Cable
  • MagicStick Box
  • User’s Manual
  • MagicStick One Quick Set-up Guide

Here’s a 5 Step simple guide to get you started with using MagicStick One device:

Connect Power Adapter and USB Cable

Connect Power Adapter and Connector pin first and plug it to the power point.

Connect the USB port end of the cable with Power Adapter and Red colored micro USB cable (on the other end) to 5V Power Port on device.

Connect HDMI 2.0 port with HDMI Display Unit (TV, Projector, Laptop, etc.)

Remove the cap on top of the device and connect the HDMI port directly to any HDMI display unit. Alternately, you can connect the device and display unit using HDMI (male to female) cable provided in accessories to reach difficult corners and small spaces.

Connect Keyboard or Mouse to USB Port

You can connect both Keyboard and Mouse to the device by connecting with two different USB 3.0 ports simultaneously.

Press START on MagicStick One Device

Press the Start button provided on the side of the device. The device will respond by turning on the blue light as an indicator at the bottom.

Select OS

After pressing start button, the device will start and show OS selection menu for 10 seconds. You can select the OS for your preference by using keyboard, mouse or mobile app.


The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) movement is gaining strength all over the world. Companies are encouraging employees to bring their own device into the workplace by adopting new BYOD and Security policies.  Allowing employees to use their personal devices like phones, laptops and smart watches for work has both rewards and risks. MagicStick is one such powerful device that can change the way BYOD works in different sectors of business.

BYOD Trends by Numbers:

Statistics show that a BYOD workplace is the new standard in industry. Studies have indicated that with BYOD, productivity, employee morale and accountability improve in tandem with reduced hardware and networking costs. But some other plausible reasons also come into consideration that make a valid argument in favor of BYOD in the workplace. Here are few BYOD trends as revealed by several analyst firms:

By the year 2017, BYOD will grow from a $67 billion market to a $181 billion market (Markets&Markets)

North America has the highest BYOD adoption rates at 36%, a number that will increase to about 50% of the market by the end of 2017 (Markets&Markets)

More than 67% of workers use their own devices at work (CBS MoneyWatch)

More than 50% of workplaces will require employees to bring their own devices by 2017 (Gartner)

Going BYOD with MagicStick

Portable, Light and Easy to Carry

We understand that carrying your bulky devices like laptop, tablets, etc. to work every day is tiresome. Therefore we designed MagicStick keeping in consideration the comfort of users who commute daily between home and work.

MagicStick slips into your pocket, fits into your palm; you can even carry it in your purse. Other BYODs are usually heavy, occupy a lot of space and require additional baggage to carry them. Say no to such bulky devices and buy MagicStick instead, an easy to carry and light-weight device.

Device and Information Security

Security has been the biggest concern for organizations while implementing their BYOD strategy. Flash storage drives have greater risk of data getting corrupted, infected by malware or virus, or complete data loss due to hardware malfunction. You can use MagicStick as storage unit and avoid using risky flash drives.

Data recovery in case of OS failures is far easy with MagicStick in comparison to storage devices reducing risk of loss of sensitive information. MagicStick doesn’t contain any mechanical hard disk based storage, therefore; the data is safer. The electronic storage in MagicStick will ensure safety of your data. You will not lose data as in case of hard disk based storage.

MagicStick protects both enterprise information and personal data.

Ultra Fast Type-C USB Docking Station

MagicStick is equipped with the latest Type-C USB 3.1 port which has USB data, display and power delivery together that can serve as an ideal component for BYOD. You can connect MagicStick to a docking station in your office or home through USB port. Docking station enables you to convert MagicStick into a desktop computer whether in office or at home. You can even connect it as dual display for TV or monitor and can use as extended display.

Dual Mode – USB Storage and PC

MagicStick has Dual Mode feature which enables it to run in two different modes: PC mode or USB Storage mode. You can switch between the two modes by pressing Mode button on the device. The data recovery in case of OS failures becomes far easy with this feature. In USB Storage mode, you can use MagicStick as a flash storage drive and transfer data or save your work-related data directly. Once back to home, you can work on the same data using PC mode in your choice of OS. MagicStick works as both flash drive and PC, giving its user more flexibility and freedom compared to other BYOD users.

Simple Cloud Integration

MagicStick comes with cloud-ready infrastructure and can be easily integrated to Cloud platform. With Cloud integration, the possibilities are unlimited in terms of use-cases. You can access and store data through Cloud storage anytime, anywhere with cloud services.

With our in-house cloud-based services, individuals and organizations can access software, storage, compute and other IT infrastructure elements without the burden of maintaining and upgrading them.

PC to PC Connectivity

With MagicStick, you can interconnect any number of devices connected over a network in your organization or at home. You can establish connection between your different devices which is more convenient file and Internet connection sharing mechanism.

MagicStick comes with dual antenna and uses Beam-forming Technology to provide over 1 Gbps speed through Wi-Fi. It supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz– Dual band with 10 dBi gain. Wireless networks are becoming better by day with easy set-up process, much advanced security and faster in transfer speeds.

Ease of Doing Work

At every step we have added features that will drive you towards experiencing this smart and sleek device. MagicStick takes 4-6 seconds to boot so you won’t have to wait any longer for your system to start. It does not have a cooling fan, it rather uses passive cooling technology to prevent heating issues and is completely noiseless.

Battery Inside

MagicStick has an in-built battery in addition to power cable. Battery disengages the device safely any time you disconnect the power supply without shutting it down first. You can simply transfer your important report from work computer or docking station and resume your important client meeting in the conference room while connecting directly to projector through HDMI port.

Robust in Design

With BYOD, there is always risk associated with carrying your device while outside. First, it is bulky in size and is difficult to commute with everyday. Also, there are high chances of device getting subjected to physical damage, loss, theft, etc. MagicStick on the other hand, is not just extremely portable and light, it’s also tough in built and robust in design. It doesn’t get affected even if you accidentally drop it to the ground.

Maintenance Free Device

MagicStick saves money on maintenance. Unlike other devices, it is essentially maintenance free and very reliable. You do not have to rush to any service center to recover or back up your data. You don’t have to have technical expertise to recover the data. It is less prone to hardware failures compared to other BYOD options.

In addition, MagicStick also saves power and helps reducing carbon footprint. It runs on just 5 Watts of power, you can save enough electricity bill to recover your investment in MagicStick within 8 to 10 Months of using it. It will in fact start paying you back later.

MagicStick’s BYOD Advantage

Bridge the gap between IT and mobility and help organizations implement their BYOD strategy

MagicStick is affordable substitute enabling to minimize capital overlay and help save hardware costs, maintenance & support, power saving, rent, space, etc.

Mobilize your People and Data with MagicStick while enabling data to move in a secure, managed and reliable way

Empower your workforce to be more productive, satisfied and better able to serve customers.

MagicStick has embedded IoT controller. You can control MagicStick from your mobile phone and switch on or off your device Stick from anywhere

Drive business performance by giving freedom and flexibility to the workforce and unleashing employee potential


MagicStick One is designed to impress you with its unique features and capabilities that make it too irresistible to ignore. It’s not just a piece hardware put together but the innovation that takes to integrate everything together seamlessly and create an amazing device. It is carved with excellence in technology and design. One device that fits all requirements…

MagicStick One has many unique features that distinguish it from any class of products that are designed to solve simple to complex problems on day-to-day basis. This walkthrough will help you understand and use the dual-display feature of your MagicStick One device.

Many people like to work on multiple monitors at the same time, whether they are tech geeks or just people who are trying to be more productive.

Additional monitors allow you to expand your desktop, adding more screen space and visibility for your open programs. Windows makes it very easy to set up additional monitors, and MagicStick One has all the necessary ports to enable this feature for you.

Setting-up Dual Display

MagicStick can be connected to multiple display devices at one time.

You can connect more than one displays using either HDMI 2.0 port or USB 3.1 with Type-C docking station or both. You can connect any HDMI display by using HDMI 2.0 port and an HDMI splitter (Male-to-female) and connect several display devices at the same time.

Alternately, you can enable multiple displays by connecting USB 3.1 to docking station at one end and at other end using HDMI port of the device with HDMI display.

When you connect an additional screen to your MagicStick One, Windows will automatically detect it and display your computer’s desktop.

You can then choose how you want your desktop to appear as per your preference. You can later customize the display settings such as Display Style, Screen Resolution and Color Depth.

You can easily move Windows apps to another monitor by grabbing it along the top edge and dragging it from one monitor to another.

You can also span a single panoramic picture across multiple monitors.

Setting up Multiple Monitors

After you connect the monitors to your MagicStick, you can select the Display Style that best suits your needs. To quickly choose how you want to use your display on Windows, press ‘Windows + P’ on your keyboard. A sidebar will appear and you’ll be able to quickly choose a new display mode. You can choose from one of the following four options on how the desktop is displayed:

PC Screen Only: The second monitor is ignored and only the primary monitor is used.

Duplicate: The second monitor mirrors the primary monitor.

Extend: The desktop of your PC is extended across the two monitors and allows you to have a desktop that spans across both monitors.

Second Screen Only: The primary monitor will be disabled and only the secondary monitor will be used


MagicStick is the smallest powerful computer that provides you many features despite of its small size. You can use it at office or at home or anywhere when you need to work. Other than that you can use it in many ways like playing 3D games on big screen of your TV, streaming 4K videos from YouTube, Netflix, Amazon or watching your favorite HD movies.

You can run all your favorite apps using MagicStick. You can connect MagicStick with projector for delivering your presentation in office. No need to carry that heavy work laptop everyday for a presentation. Magicstick is easy to use in office meetings as its small in size and easy to carry in your pocket anywhere.

This walkthrough is for guiding users about the MagicStick IOT Enablement. It will clear all your concerns regarding IoT Enablement in MagicStick.

IOT Feature:

MagicStick is an IoT enabled device. This feature of Magicstick makes it different from other PC sticks available in the market. IoT not only can change our lives but it can also change the way we work. IoT generally referred to as “Internet of Things” is a revolutionary technology that enables endless devices to connect with each other.

With this IoT feature, you can control your Magicstick through your phone from anywhere. No need to get up from your place, just do everything by using your Smartphone.

The user will be able to do a lot of cool stuff remotely using a cell phone. For example:

  • You can switch between Modes like from computer mode to device mode by using your Smartphone as per your need.
  • You can switch ON/OFF Wi-Fi by using your Smartphone.
  • If you want to transfer data from your Smartphone to your computer, no need to connect it to your computer by using USB Cable.
  • Schedule your MagicStick computer to get awakened and loaded with your favorite OS at some specified time etc.

Technology around the world is changing at a faster rate and IOT has created a lot of buzz among everyone especially IT industry companies. With Magicstick you can experience the benefits of Internet of Things.



Magicstick is the latest PC stick or PC on a stick that can convert your TV into a powerful computer. It’s a powerful PC that you can take anywhere because of its small size. Now no need to worry about work or more space while travelling.

MagicStick -“A powerful PC on the go”

It is designed to give you power-packed performance along with convenience. You can use it easily at your home or at office. You can connect it to TV, Monitors and Projectors as per your need.

  • You just need to follow three simple steps:
  • Plug-in to any HDMI port
  • Connect the Power cable
  • Your TV is now a powerful PC

Magicstick is designed for everyone be it SME Businesses, Students, Gamers, Frequent Travelers or Home Users.

This write-up is for guiding users about the MagicStick compatible operating systems. It will clear all your concerns regarding OS that can be used with MagicStick.

In Magicstick we have provided pre-loaded Windows 10 Pro trial version along with Android 5.1. Also it supports Linux, so no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Windows 10:

Magicstick comes with windows 10 trial version preloaded. It incorporates features of Windows 7 along with Windows 8 like traditional start menu of Windows 7 combined with tiles of Windows 8 in an updated form. Windows 10 is the best Windows so far as claimed by Microsoft itself. You can expect long-lasting batteries, faster processors and high-resolution displays.

With Auto-updates, Windows 10 keeps getting better. The updates include new innovations, features and security capabilities. To ensure the best experience the update rolls out via auto-updates when your PC is ready.

Also for gamers it’s great as you get high frame rates while playing games. You will be able to play all your favorite games in 4k display.

You get more stability and increased system performance with windows 10 that you will surely experience while using Magicstick. So with Windows 10 Magicstick provides you superfast speed, more security, better interface, Good compatibility with other software tools.

Users will experience the features of Windows 10 like Action centre. On your PC you will get pop-up notifications like weather conditions, it will show your email messages, a birthday reminder. Your android phones have this feature that now you can experience with Windows 10. You can go back in these pop-up notifications and check the entries you missed before dismissing any notification.

You get Microsoft Edge to browse on for superfast browsing experience. It has features like Web Markup and reading mode.

Gamers can enjoy Xbox app integration in Windows 10. You can keep track of your friends and achievements as well as you can play multiplayer games against other players on Xbox.

You get the advantage of two Oss from single MagicStick One device i.e. Windows 10 and Android 5.1, all you need is just to switch the mode between Android 5.1 and Windows 10.

Android 5.1:

With Magicstick you get Android 5.1 Lollipop that makes it convenient for users who like to play many games on android phones. Now you can play all those games on your TV by plugging in Magicstick. Users get to play all of their favorite games in 4k HD display that too on large screen of your TV.

You can access so many apps with this feature. You experience HD voice quality while using Magicstick in Android mode. While using Skype enjoy the 4K HD video calling experience with Magicstick. Devices that support HD Voice will be able to access this feature of HD voice quality.

Even this is great for your kids as they can play video games on Big TV screen instead of playing those on small phone screens. So you can prevent your children from hurting their sensitive eyes.

Linux Compatibility:

MagicStick also supports Linux OS. So if you want to work on Linux you can use it for that also. MagicStick makes your life really easy as it has so many features. You can switch in between modes as per your need or preference. Switching between modes is also easy; you only need to press one switch mode button.


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