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MagicStick One, which was released just recently, has many unique features and use cases, one of which is based on the recent BYOD trend. It’s the latest PC stick that has use cases for everyone, whether it is for work or for fun. It is not a secondary option or an alternate to any contemporary computing devices as it can work like any other desktop or laptop. It has all the features of a PC that you can use from anywhere, even when you are traveling on a vacation. MagicStick is a cost saving device and it also saves a lot of space because of its small-form-factor or small size. Additionally, it gives freedom of creativity and innovation to its users. So it won’t hinder their productivity and even inspires them to work in a more innovative manner.

Its small size with lot of functions is what the users like a lot about MagicStick. They feel free while using MagicStick as they don’t need to worry about their data security and storage. Not only this, they also get benefit of using IoT feature, only thing you need to do is – plug your MagicStick into HDTV or any other display. Its small size removes burden of maintenance for its users making it cost friendly as well as it is less space consuming PC. Also you don’t need to worry about your folders and files. As you can access all your files through MagicStick, you only need a keyboard or mouse in your workplace.

Also it’s much faster as compared to your usual systems and user doesn’t face problems like system hanging or crashing in the middle of doing important work. MagicStick provides its users smooth working experience that too at fast speed. Definitely speed of your system matters a lot when you are expected to deliver quantitative results to your management. MagicStick is the smartest PC that one can get today. As the world is progressing to a new era, employees are getting more pressure from their management side to perform well and meet the requirements. So MagicStick is ideal for you if you too are feeling burdened by work pressure. It saves you a lot of time that you can utilize in some other work. Also it saves your expenses as it’s small in size and it hardly requires any maintenance as compared to regular PC.

Confused, why you should adopt MagicStick? Then we have so many reasons to explain. It’s the most energy efficient PC that you can get for yourself. It consumes 25 times less energy when compared with regular systems. It has all those smart features that you want in your system and additional benefit is its small size. It saves lot of space in your home, no need to worry about space now.

Its IoT enabled device that’s something interesting about MagicStick. It gives you full value for your money that you spend on it. You just need to switch on IoT feature in your device. You can control your device through your smart phone. With MagicStick you can use cloud technology for work.

With the help of this you can work from anywhere. With MagicStick you will not face any hindrances in your work. It doesn’t matter where you are; just keep MagicStick along with you. Even if you are travelling to some remote place, it won’t hinder your work now. MagicStick is the most advanced technology that you can use to deliver better performance and positive results.

Even MagicStick provides so many benefits to businesses, be it small or large scale organization. Are you thinking of adopting BYOD technology in your business to improve results? Then you should definitely go with MagicStick. You won’t be disappointed by switching to MagicStick. It will save you a lot of bucks; also it will improve your employees’ productivity. MagicStick is really easy to handle and it’s handy too. By using MagicStick multiple users can work because of its dual display feature. With MagicStick, you don’t need to worry about setting up infrastructure in your office as it occupies small space. You can use the leftover space in some other optimum ways.

MagicStick keeps your data secure as it contains electronic components that make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. That’s why when you work with MagicStick, there are very low chances of OS or SMPS failure. So you can work without any trouble and your data would be safe with MagicStick. Also MagicStick gives you dual mode feature, in case of any failure you can recover your data easily.

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