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Intel’s 14nm Cherry Trail

Powered By Intel

MagicStick is powered by latest Intel 14 nm Cherry Trail Processor. It comes with the quad-core processor and 16-core GPU. It’s small in size but not in performance. It’s as fast as your laptop and is capable of doing everything your laptop can do.

IoT Enabled

Internet of Things

MagicStick is the first small-form factor PC that uses IoT technology. MagicStick can be controlled using mobile phones. You no longer have to get out of your bed to turn on your computer. With IoT, you can control MagicStick One using your smart phone.

Preloaded Windows 10 and Android

Dual OS

MagicStick One is pre-configured with Windows 10 and Android 5.1 OS. You can enjoy the best of both Windows’ familiarity and Android’s user-friendly interface in the same device along with all native programs and apps that you enjoy using.

Fastest Wi-Fi With 1Gbps Speed

Fastest Connectivity

MagicStick One’s dual band antenna and Beam-forming Technology provide over 1 Gbps speed with 10 dBi gain. MagicStick supports 2.4 GHz as well as 5 GHz– Dual band. MagicStick One makes sure that you remain connected to the world .

USB 3.1 Type-C

Ultra-Fast Data Transfer

MagicStick One comes with latest Type-C ports and connectors with over 10 Gbps data transfer capability. Transfer your favorite Blu-ray movies in less than 40 seconds. The latest USB 3.1 can be connected to Type-C docking station and run as PC for BYOD use-case.

Power Saving & Zero Maintenance

Green Computing

MagicStick One runs on 5 Watts of power saving enough electricity bills to recover your investment within 8 to 10 Months. MagicStick doesn’t contain any mechanical equipment – all parts are electronic, and hence maintenance free. It is essentially Noiseless.

PC Mode & Flash Storage Mode

Dual Mode

MagicStick One can be used as a Computer or a Flash Storage depending on your requirement. You can switch between the two modes via Mode switch on device. It will act as a storage on-the-go.

Ultra-Fast Booting of OS

High Boot Speed

It takes just 4 to 6 sec to boot Windows on MagicStick. This is because of the higher I/O of the storage used in MagicStick. OS booting period will no longer be boring with MagicStick


4K UHD Streaming


Now enjoy playing or streaming 4K Ultra HD videos and media without any sluggishness. MagicStick One with HDMI 2.0 offers seamless home-theater like experience by allowing you to play your favorite movie or TV shows.

Battery Inside

To Save OS and Data

We have added a battery inside MagicStick for better performance and user experience. With the added battery feature, you can move your MagicStick from one place to another without shutting down the device. It also prevents Windows and system files from corruption by keeping the device ON even during power failures and fluctuations.

Artificial Intelligence(AI)

Artificial Intelligence

AI is the new UI and you get to use it first hand with the innovative ‘Intelligent Remote’. Powered by Artificial Intelligence as the underlying technology, Intelligent Remote understands and follows your voice commands and allows you to control MagicStick from anywhere in the room. Just sit back, relax, and let the remote work its magic.

No Fan – No Noise

Silent and Powerful

Thanks to our patented cooling technology, MagicStick One doesn’t need a fan for cooling. This means you can work in complete silence and no disturbing noise. This also means no mechanical parts are involved, making the device robust and very low-maintenance. MagicStick is designed with perfection to suit all your needs.

Powerful Features

MagicStick One – One Device, Multiple Uses.. Carry, Connect, Compute – Anywhere with power of PC in your pocket

Best Entertainment

Transform your TV into a Home Theater System with seamless 4K videos

Full PC Functionality

Carry anywhere and make any room your office, Bring-your-own PC (BYOD).

Great Design

Small size, great style. A PC that slips in your pocket and smaller in size than your Smartphone .

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    MagicStick User Testimonials

    Dr. Akshay Kumar Kar



    I am quite happy with the MagicStick functions, though had some initial hiccups and few issues to solve. I really liked the Dual OS feature with Windows 10 and Android 5.1. Smooth functioning, flawless connectivity and supports my 1 TB hard disc. If priority is not to watch live streaming, delivers good download speed with Wi-Fi.

    K Srirami Reddy

    Advocate and Network Professional


    I did continuously run MagicStick connecting to TV in background, file sharing and media sharing (DLNA). Yet device didn’t heat up even after running for days. Type-C connector allows very fast USB connection. Overall, MagicStick is a very good standalone PC for home, for sharing media or files.

    Abhijeet Bhatt

    Technology Enthusiast and Professional


    The MagicStick Indiegogo campaign worked great. Although the shipment of the unit was delayed, many new features were added later in the campaign (battery support, color variants, etc.) to make up for that. The features I liked the most are Dual OS boot (Windows 10 and Android 5.1), latest Type-C connectors and nice packaging.