MagicStick One, which was released just recently, has many unique features and use cases, one of which is based on the recent BYOD trend. It’s the latest PC stick that has use cases for everyone, whether it is for work or for fun. It is not a secondary option or an alternate to any contemporary computing devices as it can work like any other desktop or laptop. It has all the features of a PC that you can use from anywhere, even when you are traveling on a vacation. MagicStick is a cost saving device and it also saves a lot of space because of its small-form-factor or small size. Additionally, it gives freedom of creativity and innovation to its users. So it won’t hinder their productivity and even inspires them to work in a more innovative manner.

Its small size with lot of functions is what the users like a lot about MagicStick. They feel free while using MagicStick as they don’t need to worry about their data security and storage. Not only this, they also get benefit of using IoT feature, only thing you need to do is – plug your MagicStick into HDTV or any other display. Its small size removes burden of maintenance for its users making it cost friendly as well as it is less space consuming PC. Also you don’t need to worry about your folders and files. As you can access all your files through MagicStick, you only need a keyboard or mouse in your workplace.

Also it’s much faster as compared to your usual systems and user doesn’t face problems like system hanging or crashing in the middle of doing important work. MagicStick provides its users smooth working experience that too at fast speed. Definitely speed of your system matters a lot when you are expected to deliver quantitative results to your management. MagicStick is the smartest PC that one can get today. As the world is progressing to a new era, employees are getting more pressure from their management side to perform well and meet the requirements. So MagicStick is ideal for you if you too are feeling burdened by work pressure. It saves you a lot of time that you can utilize in some other work. Also it saves your expenses as it’s small in size and it hardly requires any maintenance as compared to regular PC.

Confused, why you should adopt MagicStick? Then we have so many reasons to explain. It’s the most energy efficient PC that you can get for yourself. It consumes 25 times less energy when compared with regular systems. It has all those smart features that you want in your system and additional benefit is its small size. It saves lot of space in your home, no need to worry about space now.

Its IoT enabled device that’s something interesting about MagicStick. It gives you full value for your money that you spend on it. You just need to switch on IoT feature in your device. You can control your device through your smart phone. With MagicStick you can use cloud technology for work.

With the help of this you can work from anywhere. With MagicStick you will not face any hindrances in your work. It doesn’t matter where you are; just keep MagicStick along with you. Even if you are travelling to some remote place, it won’t hinder your work now. MagicStick is the most advanced technology that you can use to deliver better performance and positive results.

Even MagicStick provides so many benefits to businesses, be it small or large scale organization. Are you thinking of adopting BYOD technology in your business to improve results? Then you should definitely go with MagicStick. You won’t be disappointed by switching to MagicStick. It will save you a lot of bucks; also it will improve your employees’ productivity. MagicStick is really easy to handle and it’s handy too. By using MagicStick multiple users can work because of its dual display feature. With MagicStick, you don’t need to worry about setting up infrastructure in your office as it occupies small space. You can use the leftover space in some other optimum ways.

MagicStick keeps your data secure as it contains electronic components that make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. That’s why when you work with MagicStick, there are very low chances of OS or SMPS failure. So you can work without any trouble and your data would be safe with MagicStick. Also MagicStick gives you dual mode feature, in case of any failure you can recover your data easily.


Energy Efficient

MagicStick is an energy efficient device that uses power wisely and runs on a modest 5 Watts. It is the next step in Green Computing initiative that significantly reduces carbon footprints and also helps organizations save money at the same time. Normal office systems are known to consume a lot of power, 25X-40X more than MagicStick and add up to the unnecessary expenses for IT to run. Energy Efficient solutions help businesses cut costs and reduce operating expenditure (OPEX) without affecting productivity.


MagicStick is not only pocket-sized, it is also pocket-friendly. It is not expensive like laptops and desktops; it is cost-effective solution for every business requirement. MagicStick is affordable for both individuals and businesses. It costs 3X-4X less than an office laptop or desktop and greatly reduces the cost by cutting down Capital expenditure (CAPEX) in setting up IT infrastructure.It will continue to save your money because it is an energy efficient device that runs on as little as 5W of power. This device effectively and efficiently saves both CAPEX and OPEX for organizations thus being extremely affordable and desirable solution overall.

BYOD (USB 3.1)

MagicStick™ has launched their first model called One which is a powerful device that can change the way BYOD works in different sectors of business. It is quite extraordinary, considering the size (MagicStick™ One is smaller than a Smart phone and can slip in your pocket like a pack of gum) how much these cute looking, small devices are capable of, especially in the Bring your own Device section. Businesses benefit greatly with this added unique feature as BYOD harnesses employee productivity and efficiency. BYOD will not only help immensely by allowing employees the flexibility of use but also help businesses to save money on setting up IT infrastructure.


Businesses can greatly benefit with MagicStick’s unique and impressive features that make it ideal for Business use-cases. MagicStick can connect with MagicDock, a unique low-power docking station that can be powered with Type-C USB 3.1 port of the device. MagicStick can be later utilized for multiple-display set-up to visualize different data and reports in important meetings, presentations, etc.

It also supports more than one user to work on a single device at the same time, thus, allowing businesses more scalability and flexibility while bringing down expenses. Not only this, MagicStick runs on an in-built battery that can provide important back up in case you need to connect the device from on display to another. All of it, executed with perfect simplicity and ease.

Easy Integration with Cloud – Cloud services (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS)

As disruptive technologies are transforming the IT industry, businesses and start-ups will greatly benefit from MagicStick’s Cloud-ready infrastructure allowing professionals from different disciplines to use Cloud Services, Big Data, and AI technologies by SaaS, PaaS and other as-a-service models. This will translate into useful cost savings for organizations trying to cut down expenses. Statistics remain in favor of implementing Cloud infrastructure at workplace, as the new standard in industry and MagicStick is more than capable to enable that for businesses.

IoT Enabled

How often have you come across the term IoT while reading Tech article, post or an info-graphic mentioning the term IoT in it? IoT is, in fact, widely used abbreviation for Internet or Things which is one of the most popular technologies of digital age. Internet of Things is the next step in technology and is already disrupting the trends of IT industry. We have added IoT device in MagicStick to deliver maximum value to our customers. One can simply turn the IoT switch ON or OFF to activate the IoT feature.

With IoT a lot of things become easier and more fun. You can control MagicStick functions using your smart phone and MagicStick’s IoT app. Switch On your MagicStick PC directly from anywhere through this IoT app. You don’t have to even connect your keyboard or mouse and yet be able to navigate through this magical app. IoT can directly affect your bottom line, cut costs and help become more competitive. DHL and IT firm Cisco predicts that the IOT will save businesses $1.2 trillion in productivity costs alone. As small businesses continue to look for ways to reduce costs and gain agility, the Internet of Things can potentially level the playing field.

MagicStick is Robust and Low Maintenance

If routine upkeep of your devices is not your cup of tea, MagicStick is your perfect buddy. MagicStick is efficient in every way you can imagine and you don’t have to worry about the upkeep of this device as it is essentially zero maintenance. MagicStick is designed keeping in mind the comfort and ease of use and does not contain any mechanical components. With no moving parts, the chances of getting damaged are very little. Thus, you don’t have to worry about getting technical assistance, part repair/replacement or constant maintenance that adds to the operating expenses. It is designed to endure in tough conditions and keeps working till the end.

Longer Lifetime

MagicStick is a robust device and unlike other computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, etc. it functions for a lifetime of around 6-7 years. It only contains electronic components and no moving parts which make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. This means very low chances of OS or SMPS failures and secure data. In case of failures, data becomes easily recoverable with MagicStick’s unique and helpful Dual-mode feature. Increased lifetime means cost savings in terms of upgrading infrastructure, fewer burdens on our planet as fewer resources are consumed and reduced Business carbon footprints.


Low Power Consumption

Organizations globally are responsible for increasing Carbon Footprints by using all available resources at their disposal. Most businesses do not keep in consideration how their activities can and do affect the environment around them. Laptops and Desktops functioning at offices consume 25-times more power than MagicStick. MagicStick™ One is an energy efficient device that uses power wisely and runs on a modest 5 Watts. It is the next step in Green Computing initiative that we are proud of. We welcome everyone to become a part of our eco-friendly initiative and help save our one planet. MagicStick greatly helps minimize your carbon footprints because of its energy efficiency and minimalist resource consumption.

Fewer Resources Consumed in Manufacturing

Because of its small-form-factor, MagicStick consumes fewer resources during the manufacturing process. We have taken upon ourselves the goal to provide society’s needs in ways that do not damage or deplete our natural resources. The numerous amount of computing worldwide has a direct impact on the environment and in order to reduce the impact of computing technology on climate, we have designed MagicStick for the benefit of all including our ecosystem. MagicStick will be successful in significantly reducing e-wastage that adds greatly to our Carbon Footprints because of its small form factor.

Longer Life

MagicStick is a robust device and unlike other computing devices like desktops, laptops, smart phones, etc. it functions for a lifetime of around 6-7 years. It only contains electronic components and no moving parts which make it immune to mechanical vulnerabilities. This means very low chances of OS or SMPS failures and secure data. In case of failures, data becomes easily recoverable with MagicStick’s unique and helpful Dual-mode feature. Increased lifetime means fewer burdens on our planet as fewer resources are consumed and even e-waste generation is minimized.

Multiple-Users, Multiple Features, Minimum Wastage, Optimum Usage

MagicStick offers unique features that revolutionize the way modern computing functions while reducing the environmental impact on our planet. With Dual-Display™ feature, two individuals can work on MagicStick at the same time. Because of highly sophisticated components integrated together like latest and the fastest USB 3.1, one can connect MagicStick to the low-power consuming MagicDock through extension cable and enable independent Dual Display. It also acts like a Flash Storage stick that can be used instead of a separate external hard drive. You don’t even have to get yourself a new mouse or keyboard because MagicStick is IoT enabled device. With IoT, you can control most of the functions through the specially designed Mobile App. Due to numerous user and environment-friendly features that reduce the wastage of resources; it is safe to say MagicStick will contribute a lot for better and greener Earth.

Cloud Infrastructure

MagicStick offers many functions and use-cases while other gadgets shy away from providing the basic features. The Cloud-ready infrastructure enables endless possibilities in terms of use-cases for both individuals and businesses. It also, at the same time, proves to be a green computing tool that helps our planet. Virtualization is the foundation of it all as it reduces physical server footprints and has inherent green benefits. By using the best practices like automation and consolidation, Pay-per-use model, and multi-tenancy, organizations can successfully reduce their Carbon Emissions and footprints to a very great extent. All of this can be accomplished with the small user and environment-friendly MagicStick.


We need to make our own choices when it comes to dealing with climate change impact. You can do your bit for the environment as we have done ours by creating a product which consumes fraction of what other existing PCs consumes.

Isn’t it a smart choice to make?

This also turns out to be good investment decision, replacing your old PC which is actually eating away your significant amount of money without even being directly visible to you. There is an assumption that frequent shut down shortens lifespan of all computers. This is not the case with MagicStick One. It is designed in such a fashion that there is no impact of frequency of shut downs on the health of MagicStick One.

Your investment in MagicStick One will get recovered within 10 months of using it by saving enough money on your power bills. MagicStick can save you 30% power as compared to other PC being used.

Low Wattage but High Performance

You must feel happy to save big on your monthly electricity bill. MagicStick runs below 5 watts of power which is even less than what your CFL bulb consumes. It’s the most power efficient computer ever designed. You need MagicStick One|IOT to do some saving as well.

MagicStick is the Best Computer to Run On Battery Backup

You definitely need MagicStick if you want to run your computer on power back up or on battery

Help Reduce Global Warming and Carbon Foot Prints

If you are concerned about environment and carbon footprints, you should stop the habit of consuming more power than needed. Substantial chunk of electricity consumption in offices and household are because of computers that run on high power. If you can do the same computing with less electricity consumption, why not try it out. You need MagicStick for reducing the carbon footprints. This will also help save electricity across the globe. With the habit of consuming more electricity than needed, we are contributing more towards the global warming.

MagicStick Is Literally Free For You

What if MagicStick comes free to you? Surprised! Yes, you heard it right! It’s literally free for you. It runs only below 5 watts of power which is just 5 to 10% of what your laptop consumes. That means you will save enough electricity bill to recover your investment in MagicStick within 8 Months of using it. It will in fact start paying you back later. Thus, it becomes free to you for lifetime.

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