MagicStick One Set-up Guide

August 9, 2017 by puja sharma
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This guide is designed to get you started with MagicStick One device in the shortest and easiest way possible, and is written with the most typical use cases in mind. For more in depth information about the device, accessories and its features, please visit

The MagicStick interface is designed keeping both Home and Business use-cases in mind. It also works really well on-the-go because of its compact design and ease to carry anywhere. This HDMI 2.0 equipped device is best viewed on a large-screen TV or a projector.

MagicStick One Box

Before getting started, please make sure the following items are present when you open the MagicStick One box:

  • MagicStick One
  • Power Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • HDMI (male to female) Cable
  • MagicStick Box
  • User’s Manual

It is recommended to first refer to our ‘Un-boxing of MagicStick One’ guide to understand the functions of all items provided in the standard package before setting up the device.

Set-up Guide 

Now, that you understand the function of each item provided in the box let’s start:

1.     Connect Power Adapter and USB Cable

Connect Power Adapter and Connector pin first and plug it to the power point.

Connect the USB port end of the cable with Power Adapter and Red colored micro USB cable (on the other end) to 5V Power Port on device.

2.     Connect HDMI 2.0 port with HDMI Display Unit (TV, Projector, Laptop, etc.)

Remove the cap on top of the device and connect the HDMI port directly to any HDMI display unit. Alternately, you can connect the device and display unit using HDMI (male to female) cable provided in accessories to reach difficult corners and small spaces.

3.    Connect Keyboard or Mouse to USB Port

You can connect both Keyboard and Mouse to the device by connecting with two different USB                3.0 ports simultaneously.

4.    Press START on MagicStick One Device

Press the Start button provided on the side of the device. The device will respond by turning     on the blue light as an indicator at the bottom.

5.    Select OS

After pressing start button, the device will start and show OS selection menu for 10 seconds.     You can select the OS for your preference by using keyboard, mouse or mobile app.

How to Boot to Windows 10 from Android

You can boot to Windows 10 from Android by simply clicking on ‘Boot to Windows’ App available on the home screen. After clicking on the app, just click YES to the dialog box ‘Your micro PC will boot to Windows’.

How to Boot to Android from Windows

  1. Click on ‘Win to And’ app
  2. Click YES to the User Account Control box
  3. Click on ‘Switch to Android’ button the dialog box
  4. Click YES to confirm
  5. Click OK

IoT and Mobile App

Switch on the IoT button provided on the device to turn on IoT functions of MagicStick. Download the MagicStick Mobile app to control several functions of MagicStick One directly from the mobile. The IoT and Mobile App functions will be launched very soon for the users, you can check for updates and other news by visiting

Dual-Mode – USB Storage as well as PC

You can use MagicStick as both a fully-functional PC and USB Storage device with the help of Dual-Mode button provided on the device next to Start button. This feature will be launched for all users soon.


Press Start button for 10 sec to shutdown the device in case of any trouble like no display, connection or any other issue. Wait for 20 sec before restarting the device after shutting it down.

Tips for Use

  • Before switching off the power of MagicStick, please turn all running programs and the OS off. MagicStick has an inbuilt battery; please don’t keep the device running on battery for very long.
  • Power adapter, USB cable and HDMI cable must maintain good connection. Please avoid loose connections and voltage fluctuation.
  • Please avoid not using the device for long time like 1 – 3 months.
  • MagicStick has an inbuilt battery for protection from power fluctuation and power failure. It can give 5 to 10 min backup when charged 100%. Please shutdown the device after saving your work in case of long power cuts.
  • Prevent the corrosion from vapor and prevent liquid, debris and dust dropping in to the device.