MagicStick One: List of Useful Devices and Must have Add-ons

August 9, 2017 by puja sharma
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This guide is written to share information regarding devices and add-ons that are required to run MagicStick or that can work well with MagicStick.

MagicStick is carved with excellence in design and technology, focusing on the pain points of modern technology user. Today technology has reached to all parts of the world and new trends are disrupting our daily lives and also shaping the way we live, work, play, connect, shop or even entertain ourselves. This is why MagicStick is a device that suits everyone’s needs and requirements, whether you are at home, in office or traveling on business trip or vacation.

MagicStick can be connected to several devices that enhance its functions and use-cases. It comes with high quality components that allow you to connect to your favorite gadgets and enhance your overall experience while using the device.

TV & Projector

MagicStick One can be connected to any of the HDMI displays and transform them into a fully-functional PC. You can use it at your home and convert all your large-screen TVs into a 4K Home Theater Entertainment. You can connect MagicStick to Projectors while delivering important presentation in boarding room of your office.

Docking Station

MagicStick One comes with the latest Type C USB 3.1 port that allows the users and businesses to use the device as BYOD. The Type-C USB 3.1 can be connected with docking station and used BYOD at work bringing the flexibility and ease of work that you always wanted.

Keyboard & Mouse

Obviously, switching between Windows 10 and Android OS at the time of OS booting requires a mouse or a keyboard. Although with IoT feature, you can also use your smartphone as a controller. IoT device can be turned On/Off through the switch provided on MagicStick and gets connected to the Mobile App easily.

You can also connect any Wireless Keyboard or Mouse and operate the device from a convenient distance while logged on to a large-screen TV or Projector.


External Hard Drive & Flash Drive

MagicStick One has very-fast 32 GB eMMC storage and microSD card slot expandable upto 128 GB which may cover your basic storage requirements. If you have more storage needs and the current size doesn’t fit your usage, you can connect MagicStick with a bigger External Hard Drive and expand your storage capability significantly. You can also easily transfer data at very high speed thanks to the latest very fast Type-C connectors. If you don’t want to spend on an external hard drive right now and are only looking to upscale storage as per your limited use, buy a flash drive that comes in various sizes and that fits your current needs.


You can connect to Skype and other video calling apps either through Windows 10 or Android. But to enable the video, you need to connect a webcam through one of the USB ports on MagicStick and integrate with your HDMI display whether it’s a large-screen TV or Projector. Now you can connect for video conference or personal calls in best video quality on large-screens.

Speakers & Headphones

With 3.5mm Audio Jack as one of the important components, you can connect your MagicStick connected device to a set of speakers and convert your TV into a larger than life Home Theater with the movie best experience possible. If you don’t want to disturb people around you with loud music, you can always switch to Headphones, wired or Bluetooth both.

MicroSD Card

MagicStick One allows you to add extra storage upto 128 GB in addition to 32 GB eMMC storage available by adding MicroSD card to the device.